Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Acid Reflux Sore Throat - 10 Simple Tips to Drive Away the Pain and Irritation

Acid reflux sore throat is something that can be easily cured. It is caused when acid from the esophagus leaks and sits on your throat when you are asleep. Acid reflux sore throat irritation can be soothed by following a few simple tips. Here are 5 tips that can help you get rid of the problem in next to no time.

1. You should try and sleep with the upper half of your body at an elevated position. You can use a mattress or a pillow to get it elevated. Make sure that the entire upper half of the body is elevated and not the head portion alone. Sleeping in this position helps in keeping the acid inside the stomach and not enters the esophagus.

2. There are many amongst us who have the habit of sleeping with our mouth open. In such cases, air enters through the mouth and causes throat irritation. You can avoid this problem by installing a good humidifier at home, which can put moisture back into the air. This will not allow your throat to go dry.

3. Drinking lots of water also helps in getting rid of acid reflux sore throat pain and irritation. Although eight glasses will be enough, you can always drink more, if it is all right with you. Apart from helping you with your sore throat, it will also give you lots of other health benefits too.

4. Lozenges and cough drops are also known to give relief from acid reflux sore throat pain. They are to be used only when the pain is really bad and only in consultation with your doctor.

5. Gargling with salt water is a good way to start the day if you want to get rid of acid reflux sore throat pain. Soothing your throat with tea mixed with some honey is also known to give relief from throat irritation.

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